Axial SCX10ii Full Delrin Kit

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Delrin Uppers

Delrin Lowers

Steering links sold separately.

This is specifically for Axial SCX10ii 12.3" (313mm) Wheelbase with panhard setup.

If you need custom or something different please use the custom link calculator.

Delrin (1/4") is the lightest and slides the best over rocks, logs, and other trail debris.

Rod Ends:
D-links uses the Traxxas revo rod ends with our product. They have proven to be reliable and long lasting. We do sell replacement rod ends in case you wear yours out.

Warranty Info:

D-Links are made in the U.S.A. All D-Links are lifetime guaranteed. Send in the broken link and receive a brand new one. We can not guarantee the rod ends as they are a wear item and vary between brands.


Q:Why don't we do aluminum?

A: Aluminum tends to grab at rocks and stick to them. It also bends fairly easily, for this reason we don't do aluminum links. If you are wanting light, Delrin will slide better and hold up better then aluminum and is super light.

Q: Why not stainless, doesn't it weigh the same as brass?

A: Stainless and brass are similar in weight, however we found that brass seems to slide better over obstacles.

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